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Get the editing you need for your book. Right now.

Your story is waiting to be told. Get the development editing and line editing feedback you need to make it great. You'll get quality feedback on your book in minutes for much less than a professional editor.


Very Smart AI. Writer's Engine contains the latest artificial intelligence that can provide extensive feedback on your book. Some plans include two AI assistants to give you a different perspective on your work.

Fast Feedback Unlike human editors, our AI never gets tired and works all night. You can get feedback on your work in minutes, not days.

Affordable Our AI is much cheaper than a human editor. You can get feedback on your book for a fraction of the cost of a professional editor. Our New Author Plan starts at only $20 per month and includes 10,000 words of feedback per month.

Line Editing Let our Writing Assistants comb through your work line by line and paragraph by paragraph. They will help you improve style, sentence structure, meaning and flow for your work.

Development Editing Compared to line editing, development editing looks more at the "bigger picture". It will help analyze story, characters, scenes, pacing, coherence, and more. This feature is currently only available for fiction books.

Edit as you write Are you overwhelmed by the number of edits you might receive after you finish your book? Our helpful writing assistants can help you edit as you write. Submit a chapter at a time or even a portion of a chapter and get feedback as you go.